To help aspiring authors share their life-changing travel stories with the world.

Our Mission

The best travel stories are the ones told with passion. The stories that we relate over and over to our friends, family, and strangers we meet along the way. Those are the stories that will change the world.

Nomad Publishing is dedicated to helping travelers realize their bestselling book dream, regardless of time, experience, writing ability, language level, or other barriers.

Our Company

Nomad Publishing was founded in 2021 by long-term ex-pat and digital nomad Sara Tyler after over a decade of international teaching experience and publishing over 15 books of her own.

In 2021, it published 2 bestselling collaborative books with a total of 26 author-contributors from all over the world. In 2022, it will publish 4 collaborative titles and 2 solo author books.

Sara Tyler

Sara Tyler is a Mexican ex-pat/immigrant who grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA, USA. Before moving abroad in 2010, she worked on the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) fetal growth research study. 

After 10 years in education and eLearning, she started Nomad Publishing. As a teacher, she realized that most successful people lack confidence when it comes to writing. It was holding them back from sharing amazing ideas, experiences, and knowledge. 

Her mission is to help others share the travel stories that changed their lives in travel-themed books. 

She is a lifelong learner who has earned 3 degrees (B.A. in ESL, M.A.s in Educational Technology and Instructional Design). 

She currently lives in Veracruz with her husband and 2 daughters. She is preparing to host TedX Boca del Rio

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